Malaysia Bottles and Packaging Supplier

Malaysia glass bottles and plastic bottles supplier. We supplier perfume bottles, essential oils bottles, cream jars, aluminium jars, PVC tube and all cosmetic packaging materials in Malaysia.

Perfumes Bottles

Malaysia Wholesale Glass Bottles

We supply and wholesale wide range glass bottles for essential oils bottles, perfume bottles, car perfume bottles, home fragrance bottles, glass cream jar and cosmetic glass bottles in Malaysia.

Malaysia Perfumes Bottles Supplier

We supply wide range of screw head perfume bottles, roll on perfume bottles, crimp head perfume bottles, car perfumes bottles and home perfume bottles in Malaysia.

Malaysia Essential Oil Bottles Supplier

We supply wide range of glass bottles for essential oils in 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml with screw caps, press on caps, rose caps, essential oils dropper and various colors essential oils bottles in Malaysia.

Make Your Own Perfume Brand In Malaysia

Make your own Fragrance and Perfume brand. We helps you to build and create your Fragrance and Perfume brand successful. Start Fragrance and Perfume business with your own Branding right now for just less then RM1000 only.

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Perfume Services And Guarantee Malaysia

* BF1 provide 7 Days Money Back Guarantee on all Bottles and Packaging products : Money Back Guarantee

* Visit our Bottles and Packaging Center Malaysia, contact our Bottles and Packaging Consultant.

* Bottles and Packaging Products Cash On Delivery for KL and Selangor, Malaysia.

* If you facing any difficulties to order Bottles and Packaging online, please use our Email Order to make your order.